13 Most Popular Healthcare APIs for 2022

Like almost every other industry, Healthcare has undergone a Digital Transformation in the past decade. Health IT standards such as Consolidated-Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA), Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR), Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) have made digital access to health data for clinicians, patients, and researchers more collaborative and safer, and along with trends such as virtual care, AI, and automation, are helping to drive innovative treatments and cures.

Developers looking to create or enhance healthcare applications will need suitable APIs to tap into health data.

What is a Healthcare API?

A Healthcare API is an Application Programming Interface in which developers can use to integrate healthcare data or healthcare functions into applications.

The best place to locate these APIs is in the Healthcare category in the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

This article highlights thirteen recent, popular APIs in the Healthcare category as determined by web page visits to ProgrammableWeb.

1. About Corona COVID-19 API

About Corona Covid-19 APITrack this API provides statistics from The World Health Organization Situation Reports, Johns Hopkins CSSE, The US Department of Health & Human Services, The National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China, The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, and China CDC Weekly. This API retrieves data by country including population, number of virus confirmed, recovered, critical cases, deaths, recovered per death ratio, cases per million population, and more.

2. ApiMedic Symptom Checker
The Symptom Checker APITrack this API allows developers to integrate the symptom checker functionalities into their applications, enabling users to find out what possible diseases they might have. The integrated application also directs users to more medical information and shows them the correct doctor to visit. The Developer Portal includes a testing environment, and the API is offered in several pricing plans.

ApiMedic Symptom Checker API provides answers about illnesses and specialists

ApiMedic Symptom Checker API provides answers about illnesses and specialists. Image: ApiMedic / priaid

3. Vericred API

Vericred provides health insurance data solutions. The Vericred API returns health insurance data including medical plans, dental plans, vision plans, coverage, drugs, networks, and providers. Developers can make GET requests that respond in JSON thaw; create a health insurance card scan, find networks by many parameters, show the details of an individual dental plan and more.

4. Suggestic

Suggestic provides tools to build personalized nutrition solutions. The Suggestic API enables users to interact with an AI Predictive Nutrition Platform using GraphQL. The API enables users to search ingredients, retrieve custom meal plans, retrieve shopping lists, get restaurant menu suggestions, manage food logs, program content and guidance, and more.

5. Omron API

Omron provides wearable, doctor-recommended activity and blood pressure monitors. The Omron API integrates end users’ blood pressure and fitness activity data with applications. The API features OAuth 2.0 Authentication, OpenID Connect, support for server-side and client applications, free access to staging and production environments, and on-demand data pulling.

6. BetterDoctor API

BetterDoctor provides a database of doctors, health practitioners, and insurance networks. The BetterDoctor API offers programmatic access to doctor descriptions, ratings, photos, contact information, insurance providers and specialties. Use BetterDoctor to search for a physician or specialist by name, location and known condition.

7. Google Cloud Healthcare API

Google’s Cloud Healthcare API is now available in beta. The Google Cloud Healthcare API provides a RESTful interface to return healthcare insights and data plus analytical tools for visualization and Machine Learning such as BigQuery, vCloud Datalab, Tableau, AutoML and Cloud ML Engine. The API enables device and real-time Integration of datasets, locations, policies and more, with care health care networks that require HIPPA compliance. A Google Cloud Healthcare RPC API is also available.

8. Personal Remedies API

Personal Remedies API enables users to identify the best food choices for an individual based on their multiple illnesses, heath risks, allergies, food preferences and medications.

9. eHealthMe API

eHealthMe provides a platform for running personal phase IV clinical trials. The eHealthMe API offers aggregated FDA adverse drug outcome reports, including drug side effects and drug interactions. Information is available by gender, age, duration, and more.

10. Index of Sciences API

Index of Sciences Ltd is a huge database which provides health & nutritional related articles. The Index of Sciences API offers data from the website with methods to retrieve and manage article URL, views, shares, social counts, title, content, excerpt, author, comment status and more.

11. Particle Health API

Particle Health API offers access to health records for over 250 million unique patients across the US The API is compliant with FHIR and C-CDA standards and operates in a HIPAA compliant manner. Data returned includes name, address, date of birth, gender, phone, purpose of use, SSN and more. Registration is required for API use and Documentation. Particle Health’s API is also capable of screening patients for co-morbidities associated with Coronavirus infection.

12. Probe Health API

Sonde Health Check API measures the level of wellness / health in a given voice sample. A Respiratory Symptoms Risk score is returned from a voice input. This service could be useful to catch early symptoms of COVID-19 and distinguish between that and flu. The API can also be used to determine an Emotional Fitness score from voice input. Methods are available to manage users, Authentication, storage, measures and inference. The API is available to partners of Sonde Health. Sonde’s Platform is HIPAA compliant and has banked over 200,000 voice samples to develop models.

13. Allscripts API

The Allscripts API allows developers to integrate and develop with Allscripts’ EHR (Electronic Health Record) software. Developers can use the Allscript to discretely exchange data between the EHR systems and third-party applications, allowing information to be shared quickly and accurately between healthcare providers. This API is only available to registered Allscript developers.

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