How To Get What You Want For Your Next Job | Personal finance

When going through the interview process, virtually or in person, here are tips to keep in mind:

Take up your terms early

Don’t wait until the last interview to bring up your must-haves, Zimmerman says. You can approach the subject right from your first call with a recruiter. When asked if you have questions or concerns, repeat why you are excited about the position, she says, and then mention that it is also very important to you that you can work externally, for example.

Explain how your request benefits the company

For example, if you ask for flexible working hours, Theus recommends that you confidently say that you know that flexibility allows you to be more productive. Then you can specify a benefit for the potential employer, such as: “I may be more obligated to be available in case of emergency if I have this flexibility,” she says.

Do not overexplain

Whether you’re asking for work days away from home or flexible hours, you do not feel the need to share your life story, Zimmerman says. “Your desire to have time with your children, your partner, for health care, it’s legal human rights.” If you have stated that your request allows you to perform your work well and explained how it benefits the company, that is good enough.

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