Giant 160-foot asteroid hurtling towards Earth TODAY, NASA warns

NASA has again warned about two potentially hazardous asteroids that are hurtling towards the Earth today. One of these asteroids measures 160-foot. Asteroids pose a huge hazard to Earth. They seem to come out of nowhere and often it is very difficult to locate them till they are almost upon us, especially if they are … Read more

Asteroid today: 100-foot Planet-killer space rock hurtling towards Earth! NASA alerts

NASA has issued an asteroid warning against a huge asteroid which is hurtling towards the planet. Know what the space agency said. Another day another asteroid heading for Earth, it has been the story of this month so far. 5 asteroids have passed by Earth closely within the last two days and now NASA has … Read more

Why is a NASA spacecraft crashing into an asteroid?

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — In the first-of-its kind, save-the-world experiment, NASA is about to clobber a small, harmless asteroid millions of miles away. A spacecraft named Dart will zero in on the asteroid Monday, intent on slamming it head-on at 14,000 mph (22,500 kph). The impact should be just enough to nudge the asteroid … Read more

True Edge of the Universe, Nuclear Rockets Adoption, Lunar Poles Exploration | Q&A 192 – Fraser Cain

True Edge of the Universe, Nuclear Rockets Adoption, Lunar Poles Exploration | Q&A 192  Fraser Cain

Asteroid threat! Dangerous 80-foot asteroid speeding towards Earth today; NASA issues warning

A massive 80-foot wide asteroid is headed straight for Earth today, September 19. Here’s what NASA said. Earth has witnessed numerous close calls with asteroids in the past few months. August was bombarded with asteroid flybys and the month of September is continuing the trend. 3 asteroids passed by Earth closely just yesterday and 2 … Read more

BEWARE, this huge asteroid will come terrifyingly close to Earth! NASA issues alert

A huge asteroid is heading towards the Earth and will come terrifyingly close to the planet in the coming days. Will it crash on Earth, burn up in atmosphere or fly by after buzzing the planet at terrifyingly close quarters? Check what NASA said about this asteroid. A huge asteroid is heading towards the Earth … Read more

BEWARE! Gigantic asteroid heading for Earth tomorrow; NASA issues warning

NASA has issued a warning that a gigantic asteroid is on its way towards Earth. Will the asteroid hit or miss the planet? Here’s what NASA says. Another asteroid is coming towards us! NASA has issued yet another asteroid warning that a gigantic asteroid is heading for our planet. This asteroid, named Asteroid 2022 RQ, … Read more

In Pics: Huge asteroid heading for Earth today! NASA issues warning

Dangerous asteroid towards Earth at terrifying speed today! NASA reveals details

A dangerous asteroid is speeding towards the Earth today. It will be coming very close to Earth, but will it hit Earth or miss our planet? This asteroid is massive in size! Another day, another asteroid flyby. It’s been the same story the past couple of months with more than 40 asteroids passing by Earth … Read more