Rosedale bucks the trend of rural decline, welcoming new residents, business and ideas

As a sole ute trundles up the main street in the country town of Rosedale, you could be fooled into thinking it’s just another small, sleepy Queensland village. But inside the pub, church, cafe and shops, big ideas are brewing. An influx of new residents is bringing renewed enthusiasm to rejuvenate the town — which still … Read more

Church of England rejects same-sex marriage, says union is between “one man and one woman for life”

The Church of England on Wednesday outlined proposals that would refuse same-sex marriages in its churches, continuing to teach that marriage is between “one man and one woman for life,” it said in a statement. The decision came after five years of debate. While the Bishops of the Church of England are set to issue … Read more

George Pell Dies: Controversial Catholic Figure, Cardinal George Pell, Dies Aged 81 – The Project

George Pell Dies: Controversial Catholic Figure, Cardinal George Pell, Dies Aged 81  The Project Death of George Pell prompts sorrow from supporters and condemnation from abuse survivors | ABC News  ABC News (Australia) Pell will always be seen as a servant of the Church, not its flock  Sydney Morning Herald View Full coverage on Google News

Lone Putin Observes Christmas at Kremlin Church

Russian President Vladimir Putin stood alone at a midnight service at a Kremlin church as he marked Orthodox Christmas darkened by Moscow’s assault on Ukraine. Putin attended the service at the Cathedral of the Annunciation, originally designed as a church for the Russian tsars. He stood alone as Orthodox priests in golden robes conducted a … Read more

How some Australians spent Christmas Day 2022 with most cities enjoying favourable weather

Australians flocked to beaches while others took part in church services, as the country experienced a generally warm and sunny Christmas Day. While Brisbane saw as much as 26 millimetres of rain up to 3pm, the country’s other capitals were mainly sunny, making it perfect weather for visits to the beach or outdoor barbecues.  When the … Read more

Cardinal Vincent Nichols criticizes rewritten ‘woke’ Christmas carol

An English bishop is pushing back after a church choir sang a “woke” version of a popular Christmas carol injecting LGBT and “inclusive” language into the song.  “God rest you queer and questioning, your anxious hearts be still,” a line of the amended U.S. version of “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen” sung by the All Saints with Holy … Read more

Pastor tried to organise meeting so Frank Houston could seek ‘forgiveness’ from alleged victim, court told

A pastor has told a Sydney court she tried to set up a meeting between Frank Houston and his alleged sexual abuse victim in order for him to seek “forgiveness”. Key points: Pastor Barbara Taylor said she wanted Mr Houston’s father, Frank, to seek “forgiveness” from the complainant Brian Houston has pleaded not guilty to concealing … Read more

Hillsong Church denies misleading Australian charities investigators in whistleblower Fair Work case

Hillsong Church has denied whistleblower accusations it intentionally deceived the Australian charities regulator about its financial records, in a defence filed to the Federal Court. Key points: Hillsong alleged Natalie Moses breached its IT policy after she downloaded 40,000 documents over a June weekend It rebuked claims that its chief financial officer asked Ms Moses … Read more

South Australian Catholic schools defend receiving tens of millions in JobKeeper funding

South Australia’s Catholic Church banked at least $57 million in funding intended to keep school staff employed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Key points: Figures show 73 Catholic schools received $85.6 million from the JobKeeper program South Australian Catholic schools received more than 60 per cent of all the JobKeeper paid to schools in the state … Read more

Bishop Christopher Saunders ordered to leave the Kimberley as Catholic Church confirms investigation

The Catholic Church has confirmed it is undertaking an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against resigned Broome Bishop Christopher Saunders. Key points: Bishop Saunders has strongly denied the allegations against him A police investigation was closed last year without charges being laid Bishop Saunders has been ordered to leave the diocese while the investigation is underway  … Read more