Russia hits civilian targets anew, EU officials visit Kyiv

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russian missiles hit residential areas in an eastern Ukrainian city Thursday for the second time in 24 hours, while top European Union officials held talks with the government in Kyiv as the war with Russia approaches its one-year milestone. The latest strikes in Kramatorsk came as rescue crews searched for survivors … Read more

ECB and Bank of England hike interest rates again in fight with inflation

London CNN  —  Europe’s two largest central banks raised interest rates sharply on Thursday, opting for bigger increases than the US Federal Reserve as inflation in the region remains near historically high levels. The European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of England lifted rates by another half a percentage point. Benchmark interest rates for … Read more

EU Mission to Armenia Will Fuel Confrontation, Says Russia

Russia on Thursday accused the EU of seeking to fuel “geopolitical confrontation” by sending a civilian mission to monitor Armenia’s volatile border with Azerbaijan. Moscow has sought to maintain its role as a powerbroker between the ex-Soviet republics despite being bogged down in its offensive in Ukraine. On Monday, the EU launched a civilian mission to … Read more

EU joins US in 'depriving China of the most advanced chips', official says – South China Morning Post

EU joins US in ‘depriving China of the most advanced chips’, official says  South China Morning Post Biden Wins Deal With Netherlands, Japan on China Chip Export Limit  Bloomberg Netherlands and Japan join US in restricting chip exports to China  Financial Times Japan, Netherlands to restrict China chip exports  Reuters Tokyo Electron: Japan’s Decision On U.S. Sanctions Can Have … Read more

EU joins US in ‘depriving China of the most advanced chips’, official says – South China Morning Post

EU joins US in ‘depriving China of the most advanced chips’, official says  South China Morning Post Japan, Netherlands to Join US in Chip Export Controls on China  Bloomberg Japan, Netherlands to Join US on China Chip Controls  Bloomberg Markets and Finance Japan, Netherlands to join U.S. in restricting chip equipment exports to China, Bloomberg reports  Reuters Biden Wins … Read more

EU official: Russia shifts war focus to ‘NATO and the West’

TOKYO (AP) — A senior EU official said Friday that Russia has taken its war against Ukraine to “a different stage” by making indiscriminate attacks on civilians and non-military targets, while criticizing Moscow for triggering recent moves by Germany and the United States to send advanced tanks to Ukraine. Stefano Sannino, Secretary General of the … Read more

Morocco votes to ‘reconsider’ ties with European Union

Issued on: 24/01/2023 – 00:57 Moroccan lawmakers on Monday voted unanimously to review ties with the European Parliament, accusing it of meddling after a resolution that urged the kingdom to respect press freedom. Members of both houses of Morocco’s parliament met in the capital Rabat for a joint session in response to the non-binding European … Read more

Poland to ask Germany for permission to send Ukraine tanks, but will do it “with or without Germany”

Berlin– Poland will ask the German government for permission to supply German-made Leopard main battle tanks to Ukraine, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Monday, seemingly pushing his country closer to granting a long-standing wish from Ukraine’s political and military leaders. As the manufacturing nation, Germany must give its approval for the export of Leopard … Read more

US designates Russian Wagner mercenary force a crime organisation | Conflict News

The United States has designated Russia’s Wagner mercenary group as a “transnational criminal organisation”, piling pressure on the private army that has recruited tens of thousands of Russian prisoners to fight in Ukraine. White House national security spokesperson John Kirby said on Friday that Wagner, controlled by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a businessman close to Russian President … Read more

The Voice: Joe Hildebrand reveals one sentence that could end the debate

The most frustrating thing about the Voice is that it is an idea that sells itself – frustrating because at this rate it’s going to have to. The good news is there is one thing, a single sentence, that could make the case for the Voice absolutely bulletproof. But we’ll get to that later. First … Read more