Whitfords Hungry Jack’s in Perth refusing to serve children under 17 without parent or guardian

A Perth Hungry Jack’s store has taken matters into its own hands on youth crime, refusing to serve anyone under 17 without a parent or guardian. A sign on the door at Whitfords Hungry Jack’s, in Perth’s north reads: “ATTENTION. Due to recent incidents, any guests under 17 will not be served without guardian supervision. … Read more

Chevron, Comcast, and 10 More Companies That Raised Their Stock Dividends

Text size Kimberly-Clark raised its dividend this week. Pavel Sytsko/Dreamstime.com Chevron , Kimberly Clark , Archer-Daniels Midland , and Comcast were among the large U.S. companies that announced dividend increases this week. It was a busy week for these announcements, with the fourth-quarter earnings season in full swing. Chevron (ticker: CVX) declared a quarterly dividend … Read more

Seaweed researchers find bright future for underwater crop

Queensland scientists are getting serious about seaweed to address the planet’s food security and environmental and climate change challenges.  Key points: Scientists are working to scale up seaweed production in Australia Seaweed can be used as food for humans and animals Scientists say it has the potential to address a variety of environmental and climate change challenges … Read more

New FDA Guidelines Could Have Huge Effect on Children’s Health

Photo: BLACKDAY (Shutterstock) Lead is, in some measure, a surprisingly unavoidable fact of life. Despite decades of efforts to reduce the level of lead in our food and water, we will never completely eradicate it, but as part of its Closer to Zero initiative, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration hopes that its new guidelines will … Read more

How a Master Chef Serves British Bistro Food at NYC's Hottest New Restaurant — First Person – Eater

How a Master Chef Serves British Bistro Food at NYC’s Hottest New Restaurant — First Person  Eater How Lord’s in NYC Makes Up to 60 Scotch Eggs a Night  Eater View Full Coverage on Google News

The Top Foods for Longevity, According to a Study

Fad diets are a dime a dozen, and they wiggle their way into conversations and onto our social media feeds each January. A new Forbes Health/OnePoll survey of more than 1,000 adults found that 33 percent of 18 to 25-year-olds and 30 percent of 41-year-olds’ top New Year’s resolution was to eat a better diet.  … Read more

3M to Cut Jobs as Demand for Its Products Weakens – The Wall Street Journal

3M to Cut Jobs as Demand for Its Products Weakens  The Wall Street Journal 3M to cut 2500 jobs, stock falls on Q4 earnings miss  Yahoo Finance 3M to cut 2,500 jobs, forecasts downbeat Q1 as demand weakens  Yahoo Finance 3M to cut 2,500 global manufacturing jobs  Star Tribune 3M cutting thousands of jobs, profits tumble  Fox Business View Full … Read more

‘It is an employer’s market’: Tech layoffs may have turned the Great Resignation into the Great Recommitment

The flood of Big tech layoffs has again upended the dynamic between employers and employees, workers and executives say, leading to prolonged job searches and widespread fear and anxiety among many in the industry. “It is an employer’s market after years of employees having the benefit of working from home [and] more jobs with higher … Read more

The Fast Food Side Cardiologists Say You Should Never Order Again Because It’s So Bad For Your Heart

Along with various other factors like your activity level and  blood pressure, your diet plays a central role in your cardiovascular health. While cooking for yourself at home using nutrient-packed, antioxidant-rich whole foods is always the best way to go to keep your heart healthy, you may not always be able to do that–in fact, … Read more