Australia Day weather: Stormy for Sydney and Brisbane, chilly for Melbourne

Some very un-Australian weather could be on the cards for Australia Day with parts of the country forecast to be warm, but potentially wet and stormy, while in other areas it might be clear but cold. So either the barbecue could fall victim to a thunderstorm; or you’ll have to wrap up for alfresco entertaining. … Read more

Sydney, Melbourne weather: Forecast for ‘persistent storms’; heatwave for Perth

Forecasters have warned that parts of eastern Australia could be in for days of storms as inclement weather heads up the coast. The stormy conditions and lower temperatures look set to replace the heat as the main weather feature over the coming days in parts of New South Wales and Victoria. That’s after Melbourne peaked … Read more

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane forecast: Wet weather for Qld; scorching heat for south and west

Up to a metre of rain may have fallen by midweek in some parts of coastal Queensland as the January deluge continues. Flash flooding and road closures are likely. Indeed, just about all the country could see some downpours in the coming week. But for the south and west, scorching heat is the main weather … Read more

Bizarre Indigenous claim over Sydney to Hobart yacht a disturbing insight into those with most to gain from a Voice to Parliament

I thought Prince Harry regaling the world about how he lost his virginity was the most ridiculous thing to hit the news this week. I was wrong. Earlier in the week, the ABC reported that a yacht which broke its rudder during the Sydney to Hobart race last month had washed up on the shores … Read more

After pandemic population disruptions, here’s where Australia’s cities are headed

As the world enters its fourth year of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are increasing signs of a return to people crisscrossing the globe. That includes overseas migration, an important driver of Australia’s population growth. In the latest forecasts, the federal government’s Centre for Population suggests the nation’s population growth will remain steady over the next … Read more

Large hail stones damage cars as severe storms cross Tasmania

Large hail has fallen in an area north-east of Hobart, with authorities warning of potential flooding and damage from “intense” thunderstorms rolling across the state. Key points: Hail reportedly smashed car windscreens as a storm front crossed parts of Tasmania’s east and south-east The final day of the Taste of Summer festival pushed back its opening time due … Read more

Passengers to be compensated after cruise ship denied entry to Australian, NZ ports due to ‘marine growth’ on hull

Hundreds of passengers on a cruise ship arriving at the Port of Melbourne on Monday evening are expected to set foot on dry land for the first time in more than a week after a build-up of marine creatures and plants was cleaned off its hull. Key points: The Viking Orion was due to dock in Christchurch, … Read more

Tasmanian devil found under couch in Hobart home after being mistaken for dog's plush toy | ABC News – ABC News (Australia)

Tasmanian devil found under couch in Hobart home after being mistaken for dog’s plush toy | ABC News  ABC News (Australia) Tasmanian devil shooed out of Hobart home after woman mistakes it for dog toy #shorts  Guardian Australia Tasmanian devil found under couch in Hobart home  ABC News Tasmanian devil found under couch in Hobart home, after being … Read more

Tasmanian devil in Hobart home mistaken for dog toy

A Hobart family was shocked to find an iconic local in their suburban home after mistaking it for a toy. Late on Wednesday night, resident Kirsten Lynch was alerted by a “strange bark” from her golden retriever puppy. As she went downstairs to investigate, she began to wonder where she got a Tasmanian devil shaped … Read more

National weather: Cold snap arrives after severe heatwave in southeast states

A cold snap has been felt across southeast states just days after a severe heatwave. Earlier this week, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, WA and parts of NSW sweated through heatwave conditions as the mercury inched above 30C. A cool change began to settle over the southern states on Wednesday bringing more wet weather with it. … Read more