Bill Gates backs start-up tackling cow burps and farts

CNN  —  It turns out burps can be big business. Billionaire Bill Gates has announced an investment in Australian start-up Rumin8, which is developing a seaweed-based feed to reduce the methane emissions cows produce through their burps and, to a lesser extent, farts. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas. While it is shorter-lived in the … Read more

Flooding forces Mypolonga family to sell dairy farm after property completely submerged

For many communities living in flood-affected areas, their worst nightmare is becoming their reality. Key points: The Smart family have been forced to sell their dairy cows and Mypolonga farm after their entire property was flooded With the help of the community, the family walked more than 500 of their dairy cows 3.5 kilometres to higher ground More than 3,400 properties … Read more

Kimberley pastoralists fear property damage, stock losses from floods will be severe

Kimberley pastoralists face a nerve-racking wait to assess the extent of livestock losses and infrastructure damage from record flooding across North West Australia this week.   Key points: Pastoralists are nervously waiting for an opportunity to assess the damage to their properties after extensive flooding in the Kimberley  Ex-Tropical Cyclone Ellie led to the Fitzroy River reaching a record of … Read more

Meat industry lamb ad poking fun at overuse of ‘un-Australian’ aims to boost sales amid high prices

The latest annual lamb ad from Meat and Livestock Australia has been welcomed by farmers, as the industry experiences a drop from record high prices last year.   Key points: This year’s lamb ad mocks the overuse of the term “un-Australian” The annual campaign from Meat and Livestock Australia aims to increase lamb sales Farmers say prices for … Read more

What to know about the deadliest bird flu outbreak in history – ABC News

What to know about the deadliest bird flu outbreak in history  ABC News Birds dying as record-setting flu continues Number of birds culled due to HPAI surpasses 2015 outbreak  Food Business News Seeing dead, or unusually acting birds? Avian influenza hitting South Dakota hard  Mitchell Republic View Full Coverage on Google News

Virulent footrot detected in Western Australia after routine check of ram travelling from interstate

Virulent footrot has been detected in Western Australia, with a ram imported from the eastern states testing positive to the reportable disease.    Key points: A ram infected with virulent footrot has been imported to WA  Footrot is a painful disease that causes sheep and goats to become lame, lose weight and produce less wool Authorities … Read more

Flood-damaged NSW highways could be closed for months, as harvest trucks prepare to test fragile bitumen

There are fears major highways and other roads in the NSW Central West and Riverina regions could be closed or barely passable for months due to flood damage. Key points: Local mayors are afraid the imminent harvest may see roads collapse under heavy trucks  They say federal money is needed for a long-term solution The Bureau … Read more

Spirit of Tasmania to carry horses again after shock freeze threw freight industry into chaos

The Spirit of Tasmania will again carry livestock, the state government has announced, days after shock cancellations threw freight businesses into chaos. Key points: The Deputy Premier says carriage of livestock will resume, effectively immediately for Devonport departures and from tomorrow for Geelong departures Staff will be put in place to assess vehicles and check … Read more

University of Queensland’s promising research to drastically reduce livestock methane emissions

A Queensland university claims its research into cattle has the potential to reduce methane emissions in Australia’s beef industry by 30 per cent. Key points: The University of Queensland is working on four projects which could reduce agricultural methane emissions Researchers say there’s a huge opportunity to reduce emissions in cattle grazing The federal government and meat … Read more

Melbourne Cup day horse freight thrown into chaos as livestock stopped from travelling on Spirit of Tasmania

Livestock has been stopped from boarding the Spirit of Tasmania, with horses set to race on Melbourne Cup day now unable to travel, one transport operator says. Key points: Ferry operator TT-Line was found guilty of breaching animal welfare laws after 16 polo ponies died during a voyage in 2018 Chris Mahoney runs A1 Horse Transport and has … Read more