Excessive screen time during infancy may be linked to lower cognitive skills later in childhood

The amount of time babies spend watching computer, TV and phone screens in their first year of life may be indirectly linked to lower cognitive skills later in life, according to a new study. Babies who watched on average two hours of screen time per day performed worse later on, at age 9, on executive … Read more

‘Reverse Dieting’ Is Not a Weight Loss Cheat Code

Photo: Lolostock (Shutterstock) To hear the TikTok girlies tell it, there’s a hack that will let you EAT MORE FOOD! While NOT GAINING WEIGHT! And it’s great if you are SICK OF DIETING! Never mind that one can achieve all those goals by a simple trick called “not dieting anymore.” No, it needs a name … Read more

Rebuilding the brain to cure the incurable | 60 Minutes Australia – 60 Minutes Australia

Rebuilding the brain to cure the incurable | 60 Minutes Australia  60 Minutes Australia This is your brain on sleep deprivation | 60 Minutes Australia  60 Minutes Australia View Full Coverage on Google News

Shire of Quairading offering $800k to attract GP as regional doctor shortage continues

A small shire in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt region is offering a package worth more than $800,000 to attract a doctor. Key points: The package includes a house and a $300,000 salary Rural Health West says the Wheatbelt is often the hardest hit by doctor shortages The service says attracting GPs to regions isn’t always just about … Read more

New FDA Guidelines Could Have Huge Effect on Children’s Health

Photo: BLACKDAY (Shutterstock) Lead is, in some measure, a surprisingly unavoidable fact of life. Despite decades of efforts to reduce the level of lead in our food and water, we will never completely eradicate it, but as part of its Closer to Zero initiative, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration hopes that its new guidelines will … Read more

Large Study Finds Link Between Viral Infections and Future Brain Illness

An illustration of varicella zoster virus, the cause of chickenpox and shingles.Illustration: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) Common viral infections may be having far-reaching effects on our brain health, new research suggests. The study found a link between dozens of different viral exposures and a later increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other brain disorders. More research will … Read more

Super Gonorrhea Has Reached the U.S.

An illustration of Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria.Illustration: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) Super gonorrhea has infected people in the United States for the first known time. This week, Massachusetts public health officials announced the discovery of two gonorrhea cases appearing to display increased resistance to all known antibiotic classes that can be used against it. These cases were thankfully … Read more

Intermittent Fasting May Not Affect Your Chances of Weight Loss, Study Suggests

Image: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) New research casts doubt on certain claimed benefits of intermittent fasting, finding no link between a person’s timing of meals and their chances of long-term weight loss. The frequency and size of people’s meals, however, was linked to modest changes in weight. Scientists from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health … Read more

The Benefits of Taking Vitamin D Might Depend on Your Weight

Image: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) The potential benefits of taking vitamin D supplements may be affected by your weight and height, new research suggests. The study found that overweight and obese people taking these supplements experienced a smaller increase of vitamin levels and other related markers relative to those with a lower body mass index. The study … Read more

Why 70% Rubbing Alcohol Is Better Than 99% for Disinfecting

Photo: Colleen Michaels (Shutterstock) Stronger is better, right? Concentrated dish soap degreases better. Higher proof rum will get you drunk faster. You even scoop your ice cream from the part of the tub with the most fudge and nuts. But when it comes to rubbing alcohol, higher concentrations aren’t always better after all. Drugstores tend … Read more