Phil Spencer Defends Future Of Halo Amid Cuts And Criticism

Image: 343 Industries / Microsoft Things haven’t been going great for Xbox recently. Microsoft is facing stiff resistance in its attempt to acquire Activision Blizzard. It released hardly any big exclusive blockbusters last year. And it just cut over 10,000 jobs last week, including many senior developers at Halo Infinite studio 343 Industries. Microsoft Gaming … Read more

Call Of Duty’s Next Season Undoes What Warzone 2.0 Fans Hate

Image: Activision / Kotaku Season two for Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare II multiplayer and Warzone 2.0 arrives on February 15. An official blog from yesterday details the many changes we can expect for the game’s various modes, some of which ought to make fans of the original Warzone very, very happy people. Ya’ll didn’t … Read more

343 Industries, Hit By Layoffs, Says It Will Keep Making Halo

Image: Halo When Microsoft—a company that made “$198 billion in revenue and $83 billion in operating income” in 2022—made the decision to axe 10,000 workers last week, a number of those came from their video game operations, particularly 343 Industries, the overseers of the Halo series. 343, hit now by a combination of layoffs and … Read more

Former Halo Infinite Dev Blasts Management Over Layoffs

Image: 343 Industries / Microsoft Of all the Microsoft teams caught in the blast radius of mass layoffs announced yesterday, it’s possible Halo Infinite maker 343 Industries was among the worst hit. The studio has faced a wave of departures following Halo Infinite’s multiplayer struggles, and the new cuts have sparked strong criticism of those … Read more

Xbox Exec Says Devs Are Brave During Culture of ‘Cancellation’

Photo: Christian Petersen (Getty Images) Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer juxtaposed the joys of gaming with the current sense of despair in the world after accepting the Andrew Yoon Legend Award at the 12th Annual New York Game Awards on Tuesday night. He also applauded creators who still release “their visions” into the world in … Read more

5 Retro Games You Didn’t Know You Could Play For Free

Screenshot: 3D Realms In the down moments of playing a distressingly long Mario Party 2 game this weekend—my friends get a garbage truck full of NES and Super NES games with their Nintendo Switch Online membership—I started wondering what other retro games were only a download away on publishers’ official storefronts. By that I mean … Read more

Halo Devs Use Fan’s Pokémon Map To Fix Game’s Aiming Issues

Image: The Pokemon Company / 343 Industries / Kotaku Halo has a long tradition of community-made maps and game modes that range everywhere from serious to silly. Recently, one map and mode combo that’s more on the playful and fun side of things caught the attention of 343 Industries as an opportunity to fix long-standing … Read more

Someone Recreated The Entire Halo 1 End Level In Halo Infinite

The fantastic and famous final level of the original Xbox classic Halo: Combat Evolved features the Master Chief driving a Warthog as he tries to escape the Pillar of Autumn spaceship before it explodes. And now this iconic ending has been fully recreated by one player in Halo Infinite Forge. When Halo Infinite launched in … Read more

24 Halo Infinite Forge Maps Inspired By The Classic Games

Party like it’s 2001, 2004, 2007, 2009, or 2012!Gif: 343 Industries / Kotaku Warthogs and battle rifles are only as good as the environments you can drive and shoot them in. And now that Halo Infinite’s iteration of Forge is officially available in beta form, the Halo community has been hard at work bringing the … Read more

343 Releases Previously Unseen Images From Halo 2 Development

Image: 343 In Halo, “the sandbox” often refers to the weapons and vehicles on a map at any given time: all the toys you have to play with. But for a whole other set of Halo fans, that sandbox is the game itself. Be it through Forge or ambitious modding projects like SPV3, playing with … Read more