Singapore repeals gay sex ban but limits prospect of legalising same-sex marriage

Reuters  —  Singapore’s parliament on Tuesday decriminalized sex between men, but, in a blow to the LGBT community, also amended the constitution to prevent court challenges that in other countries have led to the legalization of same-sex marriage. The moves come as other parts of Asia, including Taiwan, Thailand and India, are recognizing more rights … Read more

Indonesia needs earthquake-proof houses. Building them is a huge challenge

CNN  —  A deadly earthquake that reduced buildings to rubble in West Java, Indonesia has once again exposed the dangers of living in poorly built homes in one of the most seismically active zones on the planet. Since Monday’s quake, survivors have been sleeping rough or in shelters away from homes vulnerable to collapse as … Read more

Kamala Harris dives into Asian diplomacy amid questions back home about her political future

Palawan, Philippines CNN  —  Vice President Kamala Harris is sticking close to her script when responding to what Democrats hope will once again be their greatest electoral mobilizer: Donald Trump and his third White House bid. “The president said he intends to run and if he does, I will be running with him,” she told … Read more

Indonesia earthquake of magnitude 5.6 leaves at least 46 dead

CNN  —  At least 46 people have died after a 5.6-magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia’s West Java province on Monday, according to the country’s National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB). A further 700 were left injured, according to Major General Suharyanto, head of the BNPB. The quake hit the Cianjur region in West Java province at … Read more

Kamala Harris’ visit to the Philippines sends China a message of US intent

CNN  —  A Philippine archipelago known for tropical vacations will become the focus of political attention this week when Vice President Kamala Harris becomes the highest ranking US official to visit its main island. Palawan is home to dive resorts as well as a Philippine military base that Harris will visit on Tuesday, according to … Read more

Malaysia faces hung parliament for first time in history

Malaysia was facing a hung parliament for the first time in its history as support for a conservative Islamic alliance prevented major coalitions from winning a simple majority in a general election. Without a clear winner, political uncertainty could persist as Malaysia faces slowing economic growth and rising inflation. It has had three prime ministers … Read more

APEC 2022: Xi Jinping takes center stage in Thailand summit with Biden and Putin absent

Bangkok, Thailand CNN  —  Chinese leader Xi Jinping arrived in Bangkok Thursday for the last of three back-to-back international summits held over the past week in Asia – this time for a gathering where the leaders of the United States and Russia will both be absent. That leaves Xi primed to enter the two-day Asia … Read more

Takeaways from Biden’s trip to summits in Egypt, Cambodia and Indonesia

CNN  —  President Joe Biden arrives in Washington on Wednesday evening after a whirlwind slate of summits across two different continents – his largest opportunity yet to play diplomat-in-chief among other world leaders in a world reemerging from the Covid-19 pandemic. The trip – spanning Egypt, Cambodia and Indonesia for summits focused on climate, Southeast … Read more

G20 Summit: Biden says allies working in ‘total unanimity’ after Russian-made missile falls on Poland, killing 2

CNN  —  US President Joe Biden emerged from an emergency meeting with top allies during his final day at the G20 in Indonesia promising to “figure out exactly what happened” after a Russian-made missile fell inside the borders of a NATO ally. “We agreed to support Poland’s investigations into the explosion in rural Poland near … Read more

Harris will cast US as ‘better partner’ for economic stability in Indo-Pacific on Asia trip

CNN  —  Vice President Kamala Harris departs for Thailand and the Philippines on Wednesday to cast the US as the Indo-Pacific’s “better partner” for economic stability amid China’s push to expand its own influence in the region. The vice president’s visit comes on the heels of President Joe Biden’s weeklong trip in the same region, … Read more