Can Intermittent Fasting Help Combat Youth Obesity? – The Wall Street Journal

Can Intermittent Fasting Help Combat Youth Obesity?  The Wall Street Journal

Flu and RSV Are Sickening More Kids This Year

Health Covid-19 spread, prevention measures kept other viruses in check last year

RSV Cases Surge in Kids and Adults. What Symptoms to Watch for and When to Worry. – The Wall Street Journal

RSV Cases Surge in Kids and Adults. What Symptoms to Watch for and When to Worry.  The Wall Street Journal Rate of RSV hospitalizations for seniors is 10 times higher than normal  WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7 RSV is on the rise among older adults as the hospitalization rate climbs to 10 times higher than usual  Yahoo Finance … Read more

RSV Hospitalizations Surge, Babies Hit Hardest – WSJ – The Wall Street Journal

RSV Hospitalizations Surge, Babies Hit Hardest – WSJ  The Wall Street Journal Pediatric hospitals say RSV surge ‘like nothing we’ve ever seen before’ KUSA RSV cases continue to rise: ‘Unlike anything we’ve seen before’  CBS Colorado How Worried Should We Be About RSV?  Sarasota Colorado’s COVID hospitalizations rise dramatically as flu and RSV spread  The Denver Post View Full … Read more

COVID-19 may be to blame for the surge in RSV illness among children. Here’s why.

A number of young children are being hospitalized because of respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, and it’s happening at an unusual time of year and among older children than in years past. RSV infections and related emergency-room visits and hospitalizations are nearing seasonal peaks in some U.S. regions, according to the Centers for Disease Control … Read more

Mysterious Hepatitis Cases in Children May Have Complex Cause

An international effort to find the cause of mysterious hepatitis cases among children in dozens of countries yielded a new hypothesis on Monday, with research now suggesting that the cases were caused by a pair of viruses working in concert to trigger the liver inflammation in children with a certain genetic susceptibility. Between last October … Read more

Ukraine War Pushes Millions of the World’s Poorest Toward Starvation

MOGADISHU, Somalia—The young victims of an intensifying global food crisis are being buried in unmarked graves. In crowded malnutrition wards, families are waiting for one ailing child to be discharged before bringing in the next. Mothers return home empty-handed from dwindling food markets, where prices for some staples have doubled in recent months. The worst hunger emergency in … Read more

FDA Investigating Report of Baby’s Death After Consuming Abbott Baby Formula

The Food and Drug Administration is investigating a new report of another child’s death after consuming Abbott Laboratories’ baby formula, the agency said Wednesday. The FDA said it learned about the death, which occurred in January, from a consumer complaint it received on June 10. The FDA said its investigation is in preliminary stages, and … Read more