ACT government urged to consider unconventional housing solutions like co-op living ahead of population rise

The ACT government is being urged to consider unconventional housing models to help address the city’s access and affordability crisis after the territory’s predicted population was revised to more than 500,000 in a decade. Key points: Canberra’s population is predicted to grow by almost 100,000 in the next decade Co-operative living may offer an alternative solution … Read more

Should Calgary dismantle its Plus 15 skywalk network? – Calgary

Fifteen feet above ground, Calgary is buzzing. Inside’s Calgary’s Plus 15 network is an extensive network of shops, businesses, buskers and downtown commuters. And that has some wondering if the city shouldn’t bring the benefits that come with two-foot traffic down to the ground. “It’s not just taking the life off the street,” said Byron … Read more

Charles Street upgrade plan ‘shut down’ after negative public feedback

A bold plan to dig up a major Perth street and demolish about 100 properties to build an uninterrupted freeway has been scrapped, just weeks after being announced. Key points: Main Roads has abandoned the planning study, weeks after it was announced It would have created a free-flowing link from the freeway to Perth’s inner-north Significant community … Read more

Geelong CBD renewal plans at standstill as residents await government approval

Peter Mitchell has lost count of the number of times he’s seen plans to revitalise Geelong’s CBD. Key points: A framework plan to revitalise the Geelong CBD is yet to be approved by the government The 30-year plan aims to increase the population of the CBD to 10,000 Residents say development has been stunted by … Read more

How Detroit Escaped Its Legendary Bankruptcy – CNBC

How Detroit Escaped Its Legendary Bankruptcy  CNBC How Detroit moved on from its legendary bankruptcy  CNBC The rise, fall and future of Detroit  CNBC View Full Coverage on Google News

WATCH: Why are homes and rentals so expensive? – PBS NewsHour

WATCH: Why are homes and rentals so expensive?  PBS NewsHour Real Estate Titan Zillow Sees Tough Times Ahead in Housing  TheStreet What Inflation Teaches Us About Housing  The American Conservative 5 reasons housing is so expensive right now  PBS NewsHour U.S. Median-Home-Price Rises Are Double the Inflation Rate  TheStreet View Full Coverage on Google News

Museum of Sydney exhibition uncovers unrealised proposals for city’s landmarks

What if a different design for the Sydney Opera House had been chosen? What if developers stuck to the original winning Barangaroo design? What if Sydneysiders got around in mini-helicopters?   A new exhibition, Unrealised Sydney, poses these “what if” questions by unearthing some of the more controversial and outlandish schemes proposed for the city’s landmarks. … Read more

What Can Be Done About the Global Housing Crisis? Plenty

Angharad Paget-Jones, from Port Talbot, Wales, does not expect to ever get on the housing ladder. Despite what money-saving advice and guides on the internet say, “it’s not as easy as stopping drinking coffee in the morning or canceling your Netflix subscription,” she says. Paget-Jones, 28, needs a home of her own to live in. … Read more

Online Shopping Is Reshaping Real-World Cities

Dark stores — sprouting up in former butcher shops, convenience stores, gyms, and mattress retailers — are taking up spaces once designed to be open to the public. That shift from far-flung warehouses to accessible retail storefronts has city planners on edge. Because dark stores sit at the confusing intersection of being technically occupied, but … Read more