A Massive Legend of Zelda Lego Set Might’ve Leaked

Screenshot: Nintendo For years, Lego and Nintendo fans alike have dreamed of a Legend of Zelda-themed set being released. And for years that seemed unlikely to ever happen, until Lego and Nintendo started working together on Mario sets and people wondered if maybe, just maybe, Zelda was next. Now, after last year’s evidence that such … Read more

Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Raingate, Explained

This is the rain in question. What do you think?Gif: Game Informer / Capcom / Kotaku First, there was Spider-Man’s infamous Puddlegate. Then there were the not-so-watery streets of Cyberpunk 2077. Now it seems video game fans’ next watery, pre-release controversy involves the heavy rain seen in some early gameplay of the Resident Evil 4 … Read more

Gran Turismo 7 VR Is Incredible – IGN

Gran Turismo 7 VR Is Incredible  IGN Hands-on with Gran Turismo 7’s free PS VR2 update, out February 22  PlayStation Everything you need to know about Gran Turismo 7 and PSVR2  Traxion Will Gran Turismo 7 Be Released on PC? – Answered  Operation Sports View Full Coverage on Google News

EA Kills In-Development Mash-Up Of Titanfall And Apex Legends

Image: Respawn Entertainment / EA Titanfall 2 fans have been desperate for something resembling a sequel for years now, and it sounds like Electronic Arts may have just cancelled the next best thing. Bloomberg reports that a project called Titanfall Legends was quietly cancelled yesterday amid a series of other cuts at the FIFA game … Read more

PlayStation Plus Games for February 2023 Revealed – IGN Daily Fix – IGN

PlayStation Plus Games for February 2023 Revealed – IGN Daily Fix  IGN Get These Amazing Free Games On Your PS5 Before It’s Too Late  Kotaku PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for February: Evil Dead: The Game, OlliOlliWorld, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Mafia: Definitive Edition  PlayStation PlayStation Plus Games for February 2023 Announced  IGN 10 Best Video Games To Look Forward … Read more

FFXIV Team Caught Cheating While Clearing Challenging New Raid

Image: Square Enix / Kotaku / PngAAA / Leon Bennett (Getty Images) A Final Fantasy XIV raid team had their world-record achievement revoked after they got caught using tools developer Square Enix considers a form of cheating. Unnamed_ , an FFXIV raid team, became the first in the world to clear The Omega Protocol, an … Read more

Tom Brady’s Video Game Career Dates Back To The 20th Century

Screenshot: MilesDawkins247 You can hear someone tell you Tom Brady’s age (45!) and it doesn’t really hit you, because the guy still looks pretty fit and healthy. To fully grasp the length of Brady’s tenure on this Earth, then, you need to realise that the man has appeared in a video game for the PlayStation. … Read more

Resident Evil 4 Remake Adds Sidequests, Makes Other Changes

Leon can, in fact, block Chainsaw Man (Capcom edition)‘s overhead. Sadly, it comes at a price.Screenshot: Capcom / Kotaku In a new Game Informer cover story, Capcom detailed some of the changes that the hotly anticipated remake of Resident Evil 4 is making to the original, hugely influential horror game. One of the major changes … Read more

First look at WWE 2K23 gameplay with Bad Bunny – WWE

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