Call Of Duty’s Armor-Piercing Ammo No Longer Pierces Armor

Equip armor piercing rounds to…damage vehicles?Image: Activision / Kotaku Yesterday, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 got their latest patch. The notes indicate the usual tweaks and bug fixes one expects of long-term live-service games, but one change to weapon ammo has fans scratching their heads. Armor-piercing ammunition, it seems, no longer … Read more

UN Security Council members condemn North Korean missile launch | United Nations News

US among 14 countries that slam Pyongyang’s recent launch of intercontinental ballistic missile as ‘dangerous escalation’. A divided United Nations Security Council has condemned North Korea’s recent launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile but stopped short of issuing a formal statement due to opposition from China and Russia, diplomats said. The United States, Britain, France and … Read more

Synagogue Threat: 2 men charged after making threat against NYC Jewish community

MIDTOWN, Manhattan (WABC) — A 21-year-old Aquebogue man was arrested at Penn Station after he made online threats to attack a New York City synagogue, threats that Mayor Eric Adams said were not idle. Christopher Brown told investigators he has a “sick personality” and tweeted that he was going to ask a priest “if I … Read more

2 men charged in threats to NYC Jewish community

MIDTOWN, Manhattan (WABC) — Two men have been formally charged in what authorities described as a “developing threat to the Jewish community.” MTA police arrested Christopher Brown and Matthew Mahrer at Penn Station on Saturday. Brown, 21, from Aquebogue, Suffolk County told police he operates a white supremacist Twitter group that he said “is really … Read more

2 men charged in threats to local Jewish community; came to NYC armed with weapons

MIDTOWN, Manhattan (WABC) — Two men arrested on Saturday have been charged in what authorities described as a “developing threat to the Jewish community.” Christopher Brown was taken into custody from Penn Station. “This particular individual was very distinctive looking and that’s what helped – great eyeball by the MTA police,” said Robert Boyce. Now … Read more

US to buy South Korea artillery shells ‘for Ukraine’ | Russia-Ukraine war News

South Korea insists policy against providing lethal aid to Ukraine remains unchanged, and ammunition is for US use. Washington plans to buy 100,000 South Korean-made artillery shells for use in the Ukraine war, a United States official has said, though South Korea has insisted its policy against providing lethal aid to Ukraine remained unchanged and … Read more

North Korea dismisses claims of weapons shipments to Russia | Russia-Ukraine war News

Arms sales would be an indication of deepening ties between the two isolated nations at a time when Pyongyang is thought to be preparing for a nuclear test. North Korea has dismissed claims by the United States that it is covertly shipping weapons to Russia for its war in Ukraine, saying it had never sold … Read more

What To Know About Modern Warfare II’s Gun Mods, Tuning

Screenshot: Activision / Kotaku If you’ve an appetite for destruction, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is happy to provide a near-infinite supply of guns which you can customize to an absurdly delightful degree. Seriously, this is almost as fun as sorting my nail polish colors. But it’s not about making all the other soldier … Read more

US and Netherlands paying to refurbish Soviet tanks for Ukraine

The US is footing the bill for the Czech Republic to upgrade 45 Soviet-era tanks for use in the Ukraine conflict — part of the Biden administration’s $400 million military aid package for the embattled country, the Pentagon said Friday. The Netherlands joined the effort, agreeing to pay to refurbish another 45 T-72 tanks, bringing … Read more

US says China, Russia have leverage to stop N Korea nuclear test | Nuclear Weapons News

Tensions on the Korean peninsula have risen as Pyongyang has stepped up launches of weapons, including a banned ICBM. The United States believes China and Russia have leverage they can use to persuade North Korea not to resume nuclear bomb testing, according to a senior US administration official. The official, who spoke to the Reuters … Read more